About us

About us
Langhard.net is part of Langhard & Co AB, which offers IT services and consultants to companies. We have services like IT consultants, web hosting and distance backups.

Langhard & Co was started by Joakim Langhard 2001 as a sole proprietor, named Langhard Interactive, with IT operations. In 2007, the company was transformed into a trading company and changed its name to Langhard & Co HB and Helena Langhard became a partner. In 2015, we began offering healthcare and transformed Langhard & Co into a limited liability company.

About Helena
I work with wellness and offers yoga and personal training in Vallentuna, Täby and Bergshamra. I am an instructor in medical yoga and dynamic yoga. I am a trained personal trainer at Sports Club Education in Vallentuna. I am FaR leader and receive physical activity on prescription.

About Joakim
I have my roots in the restaurant industry, where at the age of 16 I started as a dish picker at Dad’s restaurant. There I learned the value of service and dressed the turquoise costume. IT has always been my great interest. Started with a Commodore 64, where I tried to program Basic. Went like that. Thought it was more fun to play games.

Started my first company in 2001, Langhard Interactive. There I offered broadband installations to private customers and companies under the large broadband boom. With more experience and more customers, I upgraded the company to a trading company in 2007 together with my wife. In 2015 we started the company and it is an exciting and educational adventure and at the same time amazingly fun.

In 2017 we started Langhard.net where we offer web services and server hosting

To read more about all our services, surf on langhard.se